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about us
about us

We are Blisau

BLISAU CORP PLC was established with specialised USA and offshore corporation services and additional business services, such as banking support, Ecommeece, Accounting, Virtual office and Nominee Service. We are proud to offer our customers the best, convenient services, solutions and products. Based in Singapore, we founded Blisau to give all entrepreneurs access to a fast and reliable ecommerce and banking services, with a focus on providing an outstanding customer service and acting like partners to help our customers grow.

Blisau has provided services to over 5,000 customers and this number is growing rapidly. Our range of services includes USA and offshore company formation, bank introduction, accounting, supplementary services such as providing nominee directors/shareholders and legalization of documents, etc. Blisau can facilitate the registration of companies in specific jurisdictions and provide related services other than those mentioned on this website.

Most venture capital funds are located in the United States and are accustomed to working with American companies. Easily gain access to venture funding by incorporating in the US. We believe everyone should be able to access global opportunities.

Meet Our Investor Partner

Our Benefits

  • Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of our work. We guarantee the privacy of our customers through three key components.
  • Our website is completely secure. The data our customers enter on our websites is encrypted using SSL 128-bit certificate encryption.
  • Our IT infrastructure at our offices is fully secure in order to prevent any unauthorised access.
  • Our customer database cannot be printed or exported. So, all the confidential data or personal data of our customers is strictly confined to our offices.
Offshore business experts

Our clients are well taken care of. A dedicated account manager, specialised in the field of company law and administration, will be your point of contact during the year and will assist you with your company administration, bank account and any other services that we offer. We are committed to always replying to our clients' concerns within one business day.

Integrity and due diligence

For the best interests of our customers, we aim to provide the best business standards in a practical and legal way. Being mindful of the laws and regulations on the prevention of international money laundering, we implement strict risk-control procedures and balances.

Competitive price policy
  • Our pricing commitment relies on two major principles – be among the most competitive and never increase fees.
  • With holding offices or partnerships in most of the jurisdictions where we incorporate companies, we are able to offer prices that are transparent, intermediary-free and among the most competitive.

Few Steps to Start Your Business

Step 1

Register your business

No boring paperwork for you. Register in days—state registration and formation is automated and painless.


Step 2

Choose a registered agent

Choose Registered Agent or Nominee director service. No hidden fees. Professional efficient service.


Step 3

Receive your Documents

Forget about legal work or fees. Company formation documents are prepared with standard terms used by top startups.


Step 3

Obtain your Tax ID Number

No U.S. citizenship required. Fast tax setup. The only platform with EIN registration to keep you compliant.


Step 3

Open your bank account

Banking within reach. Choose a U.S. bank with a debit card, online banking, discounts, rewards, and more from our exclusive partners.


Step 3

Setup Merchant account

Setup Merchant account and integrate it in your business. You may choose online merchant or virtual terminal, depending on your business model.


US Merchant Account For Your Business

We provide turnkey Merchant Account service including integration with your E-commerce based Business website and allow your Customer to make a transaction online and help in placing an order and paying for it online. We offer payment Gateways and payment options that are ultimate. Before Opening a merchant account, you should know which account is best for your business.

With us, you will have no minimum fees, long contracts or setup fees. We offer a various online payments options like ACH, Wire, Bitcoin, eCheck, paper checks, credit and debit cards, PayPal.

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    Consult on local banking partners that best suit your needs

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    Guide you through the whole process, and answer all your bank related queries

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    Help you prepare and review your documents before submitting

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    Fuss-free business account opening process with ability to set up remotely

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    Long-term relationship with a wide range of local banking partners

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    Dedicated support team that answers all your queries even on weekends

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    Digital bank tailor-made for digital entrepreneursrus

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    Physical and virtual Mastercard debit card for worldwide use

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    Payment Processor Solution for your online Business