Virtual Office

Finance Management

Address in USA

Use of a business address to get in touch and manage your clientele.

Finance Management

Mail Scan

In addition to the tax address, we may receive your correspondence and scan it for you.

Finance Management

Mail Forward

If you prefer, we redirect your correspondence via post.

Virtual Offices and Business Address

Secure your spot in the market without spending money on expensive physical address rental. Your virtual office address will polish your professional image to use on your website or social media platforms.

Handle your postal mail and packages remotely through your virtual mailbox on your smart device. A virtual business address is a cost-efficient solution for your business.

See photos of envelopes and packages with details including sender, type of item, description, weight, and dimensions, via your online virtual mailbox with 24/7 access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will have your own unique address
  • You can use the address to register your business or open bank account
  • Receive your mail
  • We can open and scan, or
  • Forward to you, anywhere in the world
  • You have access to your mail online.

Whenever new mail arrives it will be scanned and made available as a PDF in our online system.

We do not receive parcels for your company. The Virtual Address service aims to provide a tax and official address for receiving correspondence, opening a bank account, opening a company, etc.


No hidden setup fees. It's just $40 a month


Your contract is renewed month by month


We scan your mail at no extra cost


Your business will have a real physical address

Starting at


  • Annual Payment: $394 (33% OFF)
  • Monthly Payment: $40