US Bank Account

Open a U.S. Bank Account

Blisau Corp PLC assists our clients in opening U.S. business and personal bank accounts by providing bank introduction services without the need for them to appear personally in the U.S.

You can choose any bank from the following:

  • Bank of America:
  • Wells Fargo Bank:
  • Pacific Western Bank:
  • Preferred Bank:
  • U.S. Bank:
  • City National Bank:

Our company offers the following comprehensive USA business bank services:

  • We inform you about available bank services and requirements.
  • We supply you with bank application forms and detailed instructions which help you to prepare your personal documents, complete the forms and email them to us for pre-screening,
  • We prepare corporate documents that conform to the Bank’s requirements.
  • We review your completed bank forms and provide our recommendations for improving the presentation of the information included in the form to ensure that it will pass the scrutiny of the bank.
  • We arrange for and facilitate your bank introduction.
  • We send your completed and revised corporate and personal bank account application forms to the bank for their initial review.
  • We obtain the bank's initial decision on your application, which is usually positive.
  • We inform you about bank's initial decision.
  • We show you how to send all required personal and corporate documents and signed corporate and personal bank account application forms to the bank for its final review.
  • We monitor the entire account opening process and help you to get your U.S. business bank account opened in timely manner.
  • We offer you support over the phone and by fax and email during the account opening process.
  • If your corporate and personal bank account application are declined by any bank, we introduce you another bank FREE of charge.

What banking services you get:

  • Online banking
  • Debit cards (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Checkbook
  • U.S. bill payment
  • Global wire transfers


  • BLISAU is not a financial institution and does not offer or provide any financial services. Our company offers business consulting and incorporation services.
  • The Client must submit all required documents to the bank, including completed and signed bank forms and information requested by the bank.
  • The bank, at its own discretion, may request additional information and/or documents from the Client. The Client must comply with the bank’s requirements.
  • The bank is solely responsible for its own decision about each application, based on each Client's personal documents and business activities. BLISAU has no control over any bank's actions and decisions, and does not accept any responsibility for any bank's actions and decisions.

How To Open Account in 4 Steps

Finance Management

Select Bank you preferred and send us basic information

Please select a bank option you prefer. Personal Identity Information of the Company Beneficiary Owner need to be provided

Finance Management

Apply for your account

Detailed Business Questionnaire (a sample provided), full package of your Entity documents are submitted for an initial review by our Banking staff

Finance Management

Finalize the account process

Hand signed all the necessary documents to finalize the progress.

In case, present banks in your selection, a physical meeting is required, other wide bank staff will video/conference call to completion process.

Finance Management

Your international business account is ready for you to trade internationally

Our wide range dedicated services (Merchant Account, Trading Account, etc) are always available to customize your needs.

Any additional requirements, alteration, update your newest information related to your bank account, we are here to assist you.

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There are four rank levels of membership. Advance through three elite ranks when you meet qualifying criteria. Enjoy elevated rewards and experiences throughout your journey. Explore the benefits for all levels. Earn and redeem credit points for our services.

Earning points

Earn Credit Points on qualifying purchasing of services. You’ll earn credit Points for every eligible U.S. dollar spent.

Using points

Spend credit points directly for your invoice. 100 credit points = 1 USD.

Partnership & Intermediaries

Referral Program

  • Become our referer in 3 simple steps and earn up to 14% commission on every client you introduce to us.
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Partnership Program

We cover the market with an ever-growing network of business and professional partners that we actively support in terms of professional support, sales, and marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide below true copy certified types:

  • Certified by Registered Agent
  • Certified by Notary Public
  • Apostille on documents
  • Legalization by Embassy
  • Certified by CPA

With documents certified by registered agent or notary public, quoted prices comprise a set of 3 to 6 documents.

It depends on the country and type of documents, but we can handle under strict timeframe as per your needs.

You can choose to receive only digital copies or physical documents delivered to your mailbox with a small shipping fee.

Technology We Use